About Roche's Pedigree German Shepherds


The Roches — Jeff & Rhonda

Jeff & Rhonda both had the opportunity to be raised around German Shepherds. When their world came together in 2004 they realized how much they loved and respected the German Shepherd breed. They decided in 2007 to move forward with their breeding program.

For the first two years, they focused on learning the pedigrees of Germany’s top bloodlines. In 2009 they established themselves as Roche’s German Shepherds and began their new adventure in the breeding world, only working with the worlds best trainers, importers and breed specialists.

The Roche's German Shepherd dogs are sought after for family protection, companionship, workability, and for use as search and rescue dogs.

From the beginning, Jeff & Rhonda’s goals have been simple: to produce top-caliber German Shepherd puppies with superior temperament, world class looks, and excellent workability.

The Roche's German Shepherds

Roches’s German Shepherd bloodlines include:  Zamp Vom Thermodos, Vegas du haut Mansard, Odin vom Holtkamperhof and Remo vom Fichtenschlag among many others.

Every year, the World German Sieger Show is held in Germany. The show recognizes the top dogs from around the world.  Each of the aforementioned bloodlines has been rated as VA 1 every year. This is the highest honor available for German Shepherds.  Roche’s German Shepherds are very proud to have these bloodlines as the foundation for all Roche puppies.

Only German Shepherd puppies of sound health and stable temperament can achieve a high level of training.  Solid character, strong nerves, and excellent health make our German Shepherd puppies excellent family companions as well.

Roche's German Shepherds is proud to be the premier professional dog breeder in Wisconsin.