Bringing-up a GSD: Training, Diet, and Grooming

Lively and well-built, the German shepherd is built for quickness and stamina. Care for this energetic and attentive breed requires good training, proper diet, and grooming.

Starting With the Basics (Training)

Begin with increasing your familiarity with the pup and then introduce it to people from all age groups and backgrounds while it’s still very young.

This way your dog learns to be friendly and it will not be unnecessarily suspicious around everyone.

Many suggest you should get your GSD pup enrolled in puppy kindergarten for the first few months of his life for it to be well-trained and friendly.

Knowing What to Feed (Diet)

The official German Shepherd dog resource guide online suggests that commercial dog food that have grains should not be fed to your German Shepherd puppies. You should have a diet for him that is closely related to the diet it’d have in the wild.

While your GSD is still a pup, feed it 3-4 times a day, but gradually shrink down to 2 meals a day as it reaches adulthood.

Remember not to buy your dog from amateur breeders that put-up German Shepherd puppies for sale. Such breeders only care for their earnings and are least likely to spend enough to buy and feed healthy food to the pups.

Keeping the Dog Beautiful and Healthy (Grooming)

Brushing twice in a week in enough for your GSD, but only if it is not spring or fall season. Consider brushing once or twice a day in spring and fall because Shepherds shed their entire coat during these two seasons.

Prepare a proper bathing schedule for your German Shepherd dog with the help of a vet. Generally, it is enough to bathe GS dogs twice a month; you can go for more than two times a month only if it is really needed.  Too frequent bathing can give your dog lice and other skin and ear problems.

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