Dog Breeders in Wisconsin Offer Some Basic Characteristics of German Shepherds for New and Prospective Owners

The German Shepherd breed of dog is one of the smartest, most loyal and physically capable breeds of dogs you will find. While the manner in which you raise your dog has a lot of influence over how your full grown German Shepherd will behave, there are some telltale characteristics that are distinctly German Shepherd. Before you make a visit to your dog breeder, it is useful to know a little bit about the breed.

    1. German Shepherds are typically aloof with strangers. German Shepherds can be intensely loving, loyal animals with their owners, however they don’t enjoy being around strangers very much. Proper training and socialization of your German Shepherd can make it friendlier with strangers, but as a whole, this breed of dog isn’t all that outgoing with people they don’t know. This can lead them to be highly protective over their owners and immediate family, especially children.
    2. German Shepherds are high-energy dogs. If you want a dog to lay around on the couch with you on the weekends, a German Shepherd is probably not the dog for you. German Shepherds are highly energetic and are the ideal pets for motivated and active people. These dogs need frequent exercise, and if they fail to get it, they will often act out by barking, destroying things around the house and generally misbehaving.
    3. They are very smart dogs. German Shepherds are rated in the top three smartest breeds in the world, and can learn commands extremely quickly. However, German Shepherds need to exercise their intelligence. It is important to enroll your German Shepherd in training as soon as it is capable of learning commands.
    4. German Shepherds can grow to become big dogs. While they tend to remain slender during their youth and adolescence, German Shepherd adults often grow to become large, powerful animals. The average size ranges between 22-26 inches and they often weigh between 50-90 pounds. This further emphasizes the importance of training, since a full grown German Shepherd can easily knock down or injure an adult human without even trying.
    5. Be prepared for massive shedding. If you are interested in owning a German Shepherd, understand that these dogs shed. A lot. Frequent dry brushing is the only way to manage the amount of hair that can come off of your German Shepherd.
    6. German Shepherds are susceptible to hip dysplasia. German Shepherds are particularly susceptible to this painful and debilitating condition. This condition most frequently results from bad breeding. If you are interested in owning a German Shepherd, it is extremely important that you visit a trustworthy dog breeder in Wisconsin. Roche’s German Shepherds can show you the paperwork on all of our breeding pairs, which is a great way of avoiding this tragic disability.

If you are looking into becoming an owner of one of these extraordinary animals, Roche’s German Shepherds is the most reliable dog breeder in Wisconsin. We offer expert breeding services, training and boarding for German Shepherds.