German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Chicago IL area

Looking for high quality German Shepherd Puppies For sale Chicago area?

Roche's Pedigree German Shepherds are top German Shepherd Breeder located near Chicago, Illinois.We are committed to utilizing world class, imported German Shepherd dogs from top producing West German Shepherd lines. Our lines include some of the world’s best, including Zamp vom Thermodous, Dux Delavalcovia, and Yasko Farbinspiel, ensuring that we breed puppies of the absolute highest standards.

We offer German Shepherd puppies for sale, as well as trained adult German Shepherd Dogs. GSD puppies are a great addition to family homes as well as excellent dogs for a variety of jobs. Because of their intelligence and quick-learning abilities, this breed has long been used for a range of tasks from herding to home protection. German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds in the country and our dogs are the cream of the crop.

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Chicago IL

Purebred GSD For Sale Chicago - No Puppy Mills

To produce the perfect addition to your family, each puppy is born and raised in our home. At four weeks, we introduce all pups to the outdoors, and at six weeks, we start all puppies on the NuVet supplement, building a foundation for a strong, long healthy life.  If you’re looking for a mass production canine creation factory, you’ve come to the wrong place.

How are your GSD puppies raised and when can I take my puppy home?

  • Our puppies receive top-quality care from the moment they are born. The Mom dog and her puppies have private whelping rooms away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the kennel.
  • Starting at 3 days of life, each puppy is exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation. ENS is a set of short exercises which serve to stimulate the neurological system in a young puppy and has been proven to strengthen the heart, increase resistance to diseases, and produce greater tolerance of stress.
  • As the puppies become older they are introduced to more and more new things around the kennel and are socialized with many people, young and old.
  • Puppies can go to their new homes at 8 weeks.
  • We use NuVet products and you can Enter Code 65201 for discounts on NuVet Labs Products!

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Chicago area

We Breed Healthy and Happy German Shepherd Puppies near Chicago IL

We work hard to match the perfect pup for you and your family. Give us your preferred puppy specifications and expectations and we will do our best to surpass them

Breeding purebred West German Showline German Shepherds are our passion. If you share our passion and is looking for a German Shepherd breeder that specializes in providing the highest quality show dogs, protection dogs, working dogs, or family companions, your search just ended. We are 100% committed to the health and well-being of our German Shepherds from our door to yours.

  • Roche's Pedigree German Shepherds is top rated pure German Shepherd Breeder near Chicago, Illinois
  • We strive to breed healthy dogs and offer top quality German Shepherd Puppies For Sale
  • You won’t find our GS puppies in cramped confines. All of our puppies have plenty of wide open spaces to get all of the physical exercise their growing bodies need.
  • We show and work with our dogs and try to improve the German Shepherd breed
  • We follow strict German guidelines and health testing (SV)
  • Our puppies are raised at home and are well socialized. We try to housebreak puppies as well before their new homes

Roche's Pedigree German Shepherds is located within Chicago Illinois area. Our dogs are the purebred German shepherd and World Class Showline German Shepherd Dogs. They are black and red in color. We breed dogs that pass hips and elbows evaluation, and have earned their schutzhund titles. We strive to breed healthy dogs with best bloodlines in mind.

For more information, please contact Jeff Roche at 262-592-3009 or simply fill out a very brief form below. Thank you for your interest in Roche's Pedigree German Shepherds and we look forward to hearing from you.

Our German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Chicago IL can be seen by appointments only. Please, call ahead to schedule your visit.
Appointment is not warrantees the sale. We have a right to sell the dog at any time.

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