German Shepherds and Children?

Some concerned parents rightfully wonder whether they have to choose between their favorite breed of dog and having children. This may not be an issue raised with certain breeds, but there are a few that cause prospective parents a little bit of concern, especially when the occasional tragedy concerning a dog attack makes it into the nightly news.

One of those breeds is the German Shepherd, even pedigree German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin. “Will this breed be fine if we decide to have children,” ask many people wishing to have a German Shepherd puppy. Can we be assured the dog will have an even temperament and never cause any problems in the house? If you have ever wondered any of these questions, or asked something similar, read ahead to discover whether German Shepherds and children can make a good fit.

Temperament and socialization

Admittedly there are a few dog breeds that raise these questions more than others, and unfortunately the German Shepherd has gotten lumped in with them, not of course without any warrant. The first thing to understand is that temperament traits are inherited, and therefore genetic. Dogs with terrible temperaments have inherited this trait, often from unreliable breeders who could care less about the dogs they are selling. For this reason, any dog with a good temperament starts with a reliable and trusted breeder specializing in pedigree German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin.

Genetics alone won’t determine whether a dog is fine with children. The next step has to do with socialization and learning group skills. Properly socializing a dog involves creating a comfort between people and the dog, especially when it comes to handling, such as touching the tail or the face. This early stage is critical in determining the dog’s behavior later on, both with people and with other dogs. Any good breeder will either socialize the dog themselves, recommend professionals who can, or will give strict advice on how this can be done properly.

Making your home a happy one

A large determining factor in your dog’s behavior will also depend on the rest of the family. A good loving home that provides adequate playtime and food makes for a happy dog. Also of importance is whether your home has enough space for the dog to roam and play, or for a little nap off alone somewhere to get away for a bit. Also, children, and even adults sometimes, must learn to properly handle a dog. Understanding what can aggravate a dog, especially larger breeds, is important for household safety and the dog’s overall comfort.

Finally, and most importantly, is responsibility from parents. Parents need to give their children and pedigree German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin proper attention, especially when they are together. Leaving children and dogs alone is never a good idea, especially in the early stages of them getting to know one another. Until children are a little older and completely understand how to properly handle a dog, and once your German Shepherd can be trusted without question, only then is it safe to let the two of them out of your sight.

Hopefully this guide has helped you in determining whether a German Shepherd will make a great new addition to your house, or whether you may have to wait a few years.