Keeping Purebred German Shepherds in Wisconsin Cool

The summer months can be harder on dogs and other animals more so than people, simply because we aren’t walking around with big fur coats all year round! When the temperatures start to rise in June, July and August, people can dress appropriately and stay in cooled places when the heat gets to be too much, however dogs don’t have that leisure—they’re stuck with fur coats. For German Shepherds in particular, the summer months can be especially grueling, leading to a variety of different consequences for these beautiful dogs if they aren’t taken care of properly.
One of the biggest “no-no” things you can do when it comes to your dog in the summertime is to leave it in a car. While the sun beats down on your car, it’s basically turning it into a giant oven, raising the temperature inside and cooking things to an unsafe temperature. Just like it’s unwise to leave a baby in a car, it’s just as unwise to leave a dog there. Animals can suffer heat stroke and extreme fatigue—even death if they’re left in the car long enough. For purebred German Shepherds in Wisconsin especially, heavy fur coats can bring about heat exhaustion quickly, which will leave a dog in bad shape after only just a few minutes of being in a car.
Another thing to remember during the summer time is to keep an eye on how much activity your dog is getting. Dogs are outdoor animals and for the most part, they love being in a position to run around freely as they play. Something to note, however, is that sometimes dogs aren’t aware of their own limits. With a hot sun and high temperatures, a dog might just continue to play until it’s so exhausted that it can’t move. This is unhealthy for purebred German Shepherds in Wisconsin and can lead to health concerns, so it’s best to keep an eye on how much momentum your dog is getting when it’s hot, humid and sticky out.
A good rule of thumb for all of your animals is to make sure they have access to fresh water at all times. Having a dish of water inside your home, as well as outside—which are refilled with fresh water constantly—will ensure that your dog has a source of hydration. Shade is also good for animals and can help them recuperate when they’re been exposed to extreme amounts of sunlight. Having a place where your dog can lay down and stretch out in peace will keep it healthy, cool and active.
Finally, think of fun ways to help your purebred German Shepherds in Wisconsin enjoy the warm summer weather, without having them become overtired or overheated! Take them swimming, provide them with a kiddie pool full of water or make them up a bed near the AC unit in your home. Whatever you choose to do for your dog that helps them to cool off goes a long way towards ensuring that they’re getting the attention they need in the summer months.