Learning the Basics: From Buying a GSD Pup to Bringing Up a Lively Adult

If you wish to buy a German Shepherd but are confused on what to keep in mind when buying one, here’s what you need to be sure of.

Choosing Your GSD Puppy

If you’re looking for German Shepherd puppies in Chicago, make sure you do your research regarding the breeders whom you wish to buy from.

The breeder should not be abusive or harsh with the dogs because that ultimately has a lasting impact on the dog’s behavior.

You should spend some time with the puppy you want to keep as a pet. This way you will know if it is healthy, active, and well-trained.

Germen Shepherd and its Eating Habits:

It is recommended German Shepherds are fed twice a day with sufficient quantity and good quality of food. Too much or too little, both can result in deteriorating health and lessening the lifespan of GSD.

Do not forget to fill up a bowl of water and have it be accessible to your pup all the time as the breed drinks a lot.

Loving Your Pet

Shepherds are very loving and need the love and care from their owners to feel good. Never beat or scold your GSD unnecessarily and cuddle often to keep your dog happy.

Providing Space to Grow

German Shepherds need space, both physical and nonphysical. Physical space is needed because the breed is large and needs area to play around, run, and exercise to be active. Nonphysical space is needed so that it has time and room to learn what you want it to learn and grow accordingly.

Taking Care of Your GSD
It is important to have health records of the puppy you are buying and only professional breeders of German Shepherd puppies in Chicago provide that. Professional breeders take care of the dogs in their homes for several weeks before giving them out to you. They also ensure they are in good health, are well-trained, and groomed.

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