Renee Mann – Madison WI



Renee Mann - Madison WI

Roche’s German Shepard’s breed the BEST GSD’s ever!!!! I have been training dogs for 14 years for police, fire and rescue. I would not go anywhere else for a Shepard! Jeff and Rhonda have kept in touch with me since day one when Scout was born! To this day they will send me a message and ask how he is doing or call! Scout is trained for detecting drugs and tracking. He loves to work and loves to snuggle with me! I have 2 other fur kids and he is AMAZING with them also. I have a rescue boxer who is deaf and Scout is her ears! Scout helps her and will wake her up when needed. Scout has changed my life for the better as well!!! I have a bad back and he will pick things up off the floor for me when asked to! AMAZING!!!! Having a Roche GSD has been the BEST thing I ever did! I will always have family because that’s how Jeff and Rhonda treat us! I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for the best dog they could ever have!!!!
Thank you Jeff and Rhonda for Scout! He is such a blessing to have! He always will be.
Pictures below…The first picture is Scout at 6 weeks old, second picture is Scout’s parents Hans and Nigolina the last picture is of him now!
Thank you Roche’s for everything you do and continue to do for all the families of your puppy’s!