Types of Rare Purebred German Shepherds in Wisconsin

For many dog owners, a breed of dog is just that: a moniker for what they can tell people who inquire about what type of dog they have. For others, however, the breed of a dog determines far more than what that dog can be called—it’s a gateway into learning more about its traits, history and what to expect from the demeanor and maturity of the dog itself. For dogs like purebred German Shepherds in Wisconsin, knowing what type of lineage a dog has can make a profound difference in the type of mature dog that you end up with.

Western European black

As the name implies, Western European black German Shepherds originated from Europe as a special breed in the 1930’s. These dogs are a mix of purebred German Shepherds and black Russian Huskies, which resulted in a number of distinct traits that aren’t found in any other dogs.

The black coloring of these dogs was meant to help insulate them from the harsh cold of the Siberian winters, since black fur better retains body heat and absorbs the warmth of UV rays. Other traits of Western European black German Shepherds include heavy fur coats, which remain lush year round and a temperament that is one of the most dedicated to their owners.

Like most purebred German Shepherds in Wisconsin, Western European black German Shepherds have an assortment of physical traits that define them and make them perfect for owners seeking canine perfection in this refined breed of dog. A wolfish appearance gives them a wild-like look, while muscly loins give them tremendous speed and running power. These dogs are also highly compact, with less body fat than other breeds and more muscle to show.

Red German Shepherds

One of the more common variations of purebred German Shepherds in Wisconsin, red German Shepherds are closer to the classic depiction of this breed. Red German Shepherds often have reddish fur, as opposed to brown or blonde, and their markings are much more distinct due to this unique coloration.

Red German Shepherds are often prized as being beautiful show dogs when they are of a purebred nature. Because of the unique reddish hue of their fur and their good nature and supreme obedience, these dogs are often top qualifiers during showings and have garnered a reputation for being one of the most sought after variations of purebred German Shepherds.

Purebred versus mutt

The reason that German Shepherds are more popular as purebreds is simple: decades upon decades of careful breeding has given way to an extremely relevant pallet of traits, most of which are the result of breeding out imperfections. A purebred German Shepherd today is far less likely to have defects which may hinder its maturity and temperament, as opposed to those that have mixed ancestry.

Owning a purebred German Shepherd, whether it’s of the Western European variety or a red German Shepherd, means owning a dog that has been bred to perfection, through a long lineage of desirable genes.