Why Choose a German Shepherd Stud Service in Wisconsin?

You may wonder why many dog owners tend to buy their puppies from breeders, as opposed to just wandering down to the pet store to pick up a new friend. Depending on the breed of dog, the reasons for visiting a breeder could be numerous and when it comes to German Shepherds, it’s almost necessity to choose a pup from a breeder.

The perfect pup
German Shepherds, like many unique breeds, are bred to create and accentuate certain traits—traits that may otherwise be lost if they’re left to breed with just any old mate. In fact certain dogs are actually so praised for their traits that they’re used as studs: breeding mates that offer the highest possibility of generous traits to their offspring. It’s often much easier for German Shepherd owners to keep a lineage of exceptional traits going by using a stud service, as opposed to buying a brand new puppy and raising it to maturity.

Consider this: you’re a German Shepherd owner that loves everything about your current dog, yet you want another just like her. Rather than going to a pet store and trying to find a dog that fits the same character traits as your current dog, it’s simpler to just find a reputable German Shepherd stud service in Wisconsin to ensure that your new puppy has the same traits as your existing one.

A healthy, happy dog
One of the other main reasons behind utilizing a German Shepherd stud service in Wisconsin is to ensure the health and wellness of a new puppy, based on the genetic history of its parents. Often, breeders will utilize studs that have generations of health records behind them—meaning each set of offspring from a particular stud is monitored over the years, and their offspring after that and so on, to determine if there are any genetic defects in the lineage of a stud.

There’s a good chance that if your local breeder is offering stud services, that the lineage of their stud(s) is exceptional—no degenerative diseases, no record of hip dysplasia and no diseases that will hinder the growth and development of the dog.

Show quality genes
Finally, perhaps the most common reason that people choose to utilize stud services has to do with the appearance and demeanor of a dog. Studs tend to be purebred dogs and their characteristics are nearly flawless. A vast majority of studs are derived from show-quality dogs, so you can expect phenomenal traits for your new pup. For many people, this is the real draw—having a new puppy that has gorgeous features and exceptional temperament.

If you’ve always wondered what the benefits of seeing a breeder are and how a stud service is beneficial to the breeding process, talk to your local breeder! Especially for dogs like German Shepherds, speaking with an experienced breeder could yield information that you’d never find by simply walking into a pet shop.