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Truly a blessed during this holiday season, Our German shepherd pup is extremely friendly and has a very strong personality and character. Her and our older German shepherd male get along wonderfully after just a few days of meeting. She is already quick learn commands. A very bright dog and a very sweet new addition to our family.
Thank you
Arthur Palinka

Here’s a pic of Ezekiel. 7 Months. Max Izzie liter. We have had Germanshepherds for 20 years and have never had a dog train up as quick as Ezekiel has. Excellent nerve and strong personality. We are proud to be part of the Roche’s Germanshepherd family. David Dunn and Family Davenport IA.

Purebred German Shepherd WisconsinThank you Jeff and Rhonda! We couldn’t be happier with our pup Syn. She is an amazing girl and is extremely well behaved with our three kids. She interacts with each of the kiddos differently in line with their personalities and is very gentle with the new born. Guest are welcomed with restrained curiosity and she soon receives lavish praises for her behavior from them. She is a very quick learner and excels in her training earning her high praises from her instructors. I would recommend Roches GSD’S to anyone who wants the best puppy for their family. P.S Jeff and Rhonda are hands down the most knowledgeable, friendly and caring breeders  I have come in contact with in my multi year search for the right puppy. Much love and respect to you! Robert Bruno

Purebred German Shepherd WisconsinFrom the very beginning, Rhonda and Jeff were delightful to correspond with. I’m a first-time shepherd owner, so I had to prove that I was up to the task of caring for such a special breed. The day I went to pick out my boy was the happiest, scariest day of my life. From the moment I got him home, though, he proved to be one of the easiest puppies in the world. We’ve worked so hard together and he is incredibly friendly, gentle, and playful, but will bring pause to anyone who means his family harm. Wahoo is the perfect mix of the German Shepherd traits, and I can’t imagine my life without him. I would trust Roche’s time and time again to breed the very best GSD pups and I can’t wait to add another to our little family! Chelsea

Purebred German Shepherd WisconsinHi Rhonda! I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful dog! we went to the dog park yesterday and Laika got along well with all the dogs and made friends with a pug mix that wouldn’t stop trying to initiate a chase. It was such a good feeling to show other people what an intelligent and gentle breed german shepherds really are and that they are not just aggressive and mean. Thank you so much!! Claire and Brendan

Purebred German Shepherd WisconsinI just had to share! Happy Birthday to little Sophie!! We love her SO much! It’s hard to be anything but happy when she’s around. Thanks again. Donovan and Sarah
Purebred German Shepherd WisconsinHey,just wanted to tell you what happened today. With isaiah my two year old boy. And Alea was in the house. She is now about 14 weeks old. And out of no were she started barking and she never barks this was the first time I have heard her bark in the house and the only 2nd time since we got her. And so I went to see why she was barking and let her outside with us come to find out there was a strange dog walking around the back of the fence. I didn’t even see. So Alea took off and scared the dog off. Isaiah was playing in the back yard and my guard was down but she knew something was wrong after she scared the dog off she looked at Isaiah and kissed him on the face looked back to Make sure the dog was leaving for sure and when she felt safe she came back to the house. It was truly a spacial moment for me to see. I now know that if the family is in any danger that she will be there to protect us. She is so smart.
Purebred German Shepherd Wisconsin“Oscar is great. He is showing the signs of being protective, but also very friendly. I had to meet some people in the school parking lot one night (in the dark) and I walked there with Oscar. When he saw the people his hair stood up, she started barking and ran up to them somewhat aggressively. I called him and told him it was ok… his tail started wagging and he went up to them, smelled them and all was ok. He is very active… can’t tire him out these days, but also relaxes when needed.” Curt
Purebred German Shepherd Wisconsin“Rhonda and Jeff are terrific breeders. They have beautiful, European style, well tempered German shepherds. They have much experience with owning, raising, and training German Shepherds and provide as much help and advice as desired. They have been so helpful and informative in the raising of my own dog. They become a part of your family, like your dog. I highly recommend talking with them as they could not be kinder, more caring people.” Ashley
Purebred German Shepherd Wisconsin“We decided to get a puppy from Roches German Shepherds. Mike and I are so happy and are looking forwad to having a great new dog. RHonda and Jeff are the best and love their dogs very much. The first time I went to their website we knew they were special people. THeir dogs are a part of their family and you can see it in the dogs faces they are loved. We know we have made the right decision in picking them.” Deedy and Mike
Purebred German Shepherd WisconsinHi Rhonda and Jeff: Just a quick update on Nico. Our first 2 weeks have been amazing! Nico is so easy to train: commands, crate, house breaking, leash walking… it seemed almost effortless! He has bonded beautifully with his “brother” Austin, they have become such good buds. I take him everywhere. He loves car rides and shopping. People are surprised when I tell them his age as he is so calm, walks great, behaves, and of course he is drop dead gorgeous. We can’t thank you and Jeff enough for this beautiful puppy! He has made our family complete again!! Kathy, Tony and Austin Cardoza

Roche's dogs are superb, excellent quality bloodlines

Picked up our German Shepherd puppy yesterday. I’ve owned as pets and worked with GSD for over 50 years now. Roche’s dogs are superb, excellent quality bloodlines and raised in a family setting. This pup is healthy, happy and an excellent representative of the GSD standard. The process of the purchase was professional and well done. It was obvious from the start that these folks are passionate about the breed and are without a doubt the most loving breeders I’ve ever met. Have complete confidence in the Roche’s and their dog

Michael M. from Waukesha, WI


Dan Miller

Great breeder and great people. Rhonda is a wealth of knowledge. Love my Chloe. She’s amazing.


Erin Eddy

I initially chose the Roche’s because of the reviews I had seen online, but 100% knew I wanted a puppy from them once I met them and talked to them about their dogs. All of the dogs are not only beautiful, but so sweet and loving as well. I wanted to take Salsa home 🙂 After talking with Jeff in more detail, I got to see how amazing the Roche’s dogs’ blood lines are. They have so many high performing dogs and it really made me want to get my dog into these programs (Schutzhund, advanced obedience, etc.). I got my boy, Brooks, from Max and Eda in July 2017 (born May 2017). I was originally set to get a puppy from Max and Salsa in December, but when a male puppy became available, Rhonda was so nice and asked if I was interested in taking him home earlier. Brooks was potty trained in two days, listened so well, was so easy to train, and was instantly just the most loving dog I’ve ever owned! He is now a year and a half and the best dog in the world. I couldn’t be happier with him! Brooks has completed an Advanced Obedience class (last year) and is going through Protection Work (similar to Schutzhund); he’ll also be working on nose work in the future, too. I highly recommend Schutzhund or Protection Work if your dog if really into it like Brooks. The Roche’s dogs are bred perfectly for this type of thing and Brooks is at the top of the class! It has really calmed him down even though he’s still a puppy. He is a true German Shepherd; he loves to work! 🙂 Thank you, Roche’s, for giving me my best friend <3

100% Satisfied

Don B

I was looking for a German Shepherd and a good friend of mine told me about Roche’s. He bought his girl from them, told me nothing but great things. I got the number and called and talked to Jeff. I made an appointment to see him and talk. I pulled up and my heart started beating faster after I walked in and saw his dogs. He asked me a bunch of questions and answered mine. After about a hour we had come to a good understanding of what exactly I was looking for in a puppy. Let me tell you, Jeff definitely delivered an excellent dog. She is nothing short or amazing. Exactly everything I wanted I got. Perfect health, beautiful and smart. I don’t know how to thank him for this great addition to my family. I just want to say thanks to Roche’s and Jeff for giving me everything I wanted.


Michael Abbene – Chicago IL

We love Jeff and Rhonda! They produce incredible GSDs. We have a four yr old female, Arya by Untox. She is beyond intelligent, obedient, protective and yet so gentle with children and babies. To top it off, Arya is my seizure dog. Thank you Jeff & Rhonda!


Renee Mann – Madison WI

Roche’s German Shepard’s breed the BEST GSD’s ever!!!! I have been training dogs for 14 years for police, fire and rescue. I would not go anywhere else for a Shepard! Jeff and Rhonda have kept in touch with me since day one when Scout was born! To this day they will send me a message and ask how he is doing or call! Scout is trained for detecting drugs and tracking. He loves to work and loves to snuggle with me! I have 2 other fur kids and he is AMAZING with them also. I have a rescue boxer who is deaf and Scout is her ears! Scout helps her and will wake her up when needed. Scout has changed my life for the better as well!!! I have a bad back and he will pick things up off the floor for me when asked to! AMAZING!!!! Having a Roche GSD has been the BEST thing I ever did! I will always have family because that’s how Jeff and Rhonda treat us! I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for the best dog they could ever have!!!!
Thank you Jeff and Rhonda for Scout! He is such a blessing to have! He always will be.
Pictures below…The first picture is Scout at 6 weeks old, second picture is Scout’s parents Hans and Nigolina the last picture is of him now!
Thank you Roche’s for everything you do and continue to do for all the families of your puppy’s!


Chelsea Flores – Madison

My husband and I had the pleasure of coming in contact with Roche’s German Shepherds back in 2012 when we were in search of getting our first dog. Rhonda and Jeff were nothing but kind and informative with us being that this was going to be mine and my husband’s first dog together and our first big dog. There was a hiccup with the purchase of our first male dog due to an issue but with the help of Rhonda we got through it and came out stronger together and we now have our handsome boy Heisenberg. A few years later we wanted to add a female into the mix and we again contacted Jeff and Rhonda. This time we were in search of using a different male and female for the parents due to Heisenberg’s dad being retired so we went with Max and Salsa for the parents of our female. We are beyond pleased with our decision. Our female, Khaleesi, is beautiful and healthy. She is also super smart and very social. We have also become really good friends with Jeff and Rhonda along the way and we see what kind of people they are as well as business owners and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone of my friends, family members, or strangers. I understand you can’t please everyone when owning a business and it is good to have bad reviews out there along with the good however it is also very distasteful of one particular individual to belittle a person because they are unhappy with a service. There are always two sides to every story.


AGNES – Chicago, IL

We just got a new puppy from Jeff and Rhonda, and it was love at first sight! We could tell he cares about giving his puppies a good home. He was very easy to work with and our new puppy is active and healthy! We would definitely recommend Jeff and Rhonda if you are hoping to add a furry member to your family.

Exploring Strange New Worlds

Christine Turner

My Fiance and I are thrilled with our puppy from Roche German Shepherds. Khan is my 4th German Shepherd, 2nd puppy, the other 2 are rescued. Roche was excellent from the start, very willing to help and making sure to take care of our needs in a pup as well as the pups needs for his new home. Upon meeting them we could not have been treated better as prospective dog parents for the dogs they are so passionate about. Khan is coming up on 10 weeks old and has been exploring his new world, getting to know his brother, sister and cat friends, and learning many things. We would highly recommend this breeder for not only the quality in their dogs but the over all professionalism and passion for what the do. Thank you Jeff and Rhonda we love our boy.


Mike & Anna

There are truly not enough words I can use to describe how pleased we are with our puppy Mishia (daughter of Max and Eda) from Roche’s. In our search for our first GSD, I contacted all of the large kennels in the Chicagoland area. When we found Jeff and Rhonda Roche, we were sold. Our first conversation with Jeff R., he spent so much time with us addressing all of our (many) questions, and made us feel incredibly comfortable about the process. We did not feel rushed, or like ‘just another buyer’, as some of the other kennels made us feel. When we came to pick up our girl, Rhonda spent a ton of time with us, making sure we were as prepared as possible. Their support did not end there. They recommended a trainer for us in the Chicagoland area named Jeff Lake who has been absolutely FANTASTIC. He, has been by our place a number of times going through obedience basics with us, and calls in frequently to check on Mishia and asks how her lessons are going, always providing additional advice. Unfortunately, we are a little too distant for him to come by regularly, so he highly recommended a boarder/trainer he works with named Milo. Mishia has been boarded with Milo for the last two weeks learning basic puppy obedience, and she has come along incredibly far. In the meantime, Jeff L. still checks up on her!

Purchasing Mishia from the Roche’s has been one of the best decisions our family has made. The Roche’s have provided us a network of loving people, like Jeff Lake and Milo, who have supported us through every step of owning a GSD. For new owners like ourselves, this support is invaluable, and we can’t feel blessed enough. Thank you again, Jeff and Rhonda. for enriching our family!

A little about Mishia: At 8 weeks we brought her home. She was basically completely potty trained from day one. She’s incredibly even-tempered, docile around newborns/children and super playful. She has beautiful coloring and a short coat. Her last visit to the vet at 16 weeks old she was 40 lbs. She’s 20 weeks old today!



How do I put into words what my heart feels about this wonderful boy? Because of him, my first gsd, I fell in love with this breed. The day he left us my heart broke and I never thought it would mend. I told myself I would never, ever, get another Shepherd. No other dog could fill my boys shoes.His gentleness, his loyalty, his devotion to Nick….I was wrong…. So very wrong. The month of March brought Freya into the world and May she was welcomed into our family. She is such a sweet, feisty little girl who has her own special place in my heart. Until we meet again… My beloved boy.


Ty And Angela Ketterhagen

I first found Roche’s German Shepherds through an internet search but we weren’t ready yet so we bookmarked the site. When we were ready I contacted Rhonda and she immediately invited us out to their place to meet her and Jeff and the dogs and see how they were taken care of. They took the time to answer all our questions and kept us updated throughout the pregnancy of Forma and how the puppies were doing once they were born. We got our sweet little Asher at 8 weeks and he is the best dog. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog for our family. Our experience with Roche’s German Shepherds was positive from beginning to end and we know that Rhonda and Jeff are always available to answer any questions we may still have! Highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a quality companion!


Ron And Kim Gwaltney

Our Hansel “Hans”, is a gorgeous boy who’s parents are Untox and Panja. After losing our precious German Shepherd, Molly, on April 30, 2012, we were so very sad and did not want to replace her, but we love German Shepherds and she had been such a sweet girl, and we wanted another one desperately. We found Rhonda and Jeff and were invited to come to their home and meet them and all their beautiful German Shepherds. We felt very comfortable with them and they were so compassionate with us when we told them about our Molly. Rhonda sent us several e-mails trying to help us deal with Molly’s passing, which we were having a very hard time with. She told us that whether we decided to get a puppy from them or not, that she would always be there for us to talk to. There are not very many people in this world today that you can count on like that and we feel very fortunate that we have them in our lives. When we decided to get a puppy from Roches, we were so excited, the months that we had to wait seemed like years and when the puppies were born Rhonda kept everyone updated with comments and pictures of the puppies and Mommies from their birth right up until we were able to take them home. Our Hans just turned 1 year old July 30, 2013 and we couldn’t be happier with him. He is so handsome, intelligent, has a wonderful temperment and is one of the sweetest boys ever, he gets along well with our other 3 dogs and loves everyone he meets. He absolutely loves to be hugged and kissed as much as he can get! Rhonda and Jeff are not only excellent breeders and produce exceptional puppies, but they give all their puppies the love and attention that they need right from the start which makes them the wonderful family additions that they are. We love our Hans so much and would love someday to have another Roche puppy and we would recommend them to everyone who is looking for a great German Shepherd. Thank you Rhonda and Jeff 🙂


Cassie Of Antigo, WI

I knew from the day I brought Leyna home she was something special. After a 4 hour straight drive of nonstop puppy kisses, I knew my little copilot was perfect. Leyna has been the friendliest, sweetiest puppy I’ve ever met. She is a Panja/Untox puppy from the first litter. She loves kids, small dogs, other big dogs, my parents and grandparents. I haven’t found anything she doesn’t like. She is over a year old now and the only issue we’ve had is her one dopey ear. Leyna was very unlucky and got a pretty bad ear infection while her ears were supposed to be getting strong. Fortunately, they do stand up when she’s very excited and she’s still adorable either way. Leyna is my best friend and is protective, but only when necessary. If I’m sleeping and someone rings the doorbell, she alerts. Otherwise, she is incredibly well behaved and learns really quickly. Overall, I lucked out finding Jeff and Rhonda and getting the perfect puppy in Leyna. I could not be happier with the situation.



The first day I contacted Rhonda I knew I had found THE breeder. I had looked around and after purchasing my first home, I was finally ready to pull the trigger on a full-time companion. Jeff and Rhonda was super helpful and super patient with my long distance and night shift situation. I had an odd schedule and they worked with me so I could see the puppies and pick the one for me. They also held the puppy for me so I wouldn’t have to drive nearly 8 hours round trip just to return to work again. I could not have asked for a better breeder 🙂 or two better people to work with.


Chelsea & Miguel

I searched for a long before finding Roche’s German Shepherds. As soon as I called Jeff and Rhonda to find our more about there dogs I was instantly invited into there home. Rhonda is an amazing breeder and great person. She has been there for us ever since we brought Heisenberg home in March. Not to mention they make some good looking dogs :). Heisenberg is 6 months now and he is an Untox and Ekko pup and he is one of the smartest dogs I know. Very easy to train which is good for us since we are first time German Shepherd owners. Jeff and Rhonda will forever be our friends and the only people I will ever buy a dog from. They are extremely knowledgeable about German Shepherds and are willing to do anything for there pups. I will recommend them to anyone who is interested in getting a German Shepherd. If you want a great dog from amazing people look no further than Roche’s German Shepherds!!!


Phil Ellenbecker

Charlie pup was born on January 13th 2013 to Jeff and Rhonda Roche. My son Dustin and I searched for a good dog for over 4 years and then we found Roche’s German Shepherds.

I have loved dog’s since I was 7 years old.

My first dog was Ginger and she was a great friend and companion.

Since then I have been fortunate to have 3 German Shepherds and they were all very good dogs and I loved them dearly.

But this puppy that we were blessed with from the Roche’s is beyond doubt the most beautiful and loving puppy that I have ever had the privilege of being my friend.

He loves kids and he loves to play and he is the most intelligent dog that I have ever had in my life of 64 years.

Charlie learned how to sit and shake hands in less that 2days, and he was only 4 months old.

He loves to eat popcorn with my son Dustin while watching TV. Some of his favorite treats are carrots,icecubes,milk bones,Alpo Snaps,frozen popsicle sticks,peanut butter,peanuts,and his Nu-vet supplements.

Of course anything that we are eating at the dining room table.

Charlie “Roche” Ellenbecker is only 6 months old now and yet he has all of the potential for being a show dog that could win blue ribbons.

Charlie pup is not just a dog-or a German Shepherd.

Charlie is a GREAT dog!! and he is full of love and kisses.

His favorite toys are his Gator Aid bottles and his gallon milk bottles rattling with pennies. He sleeps at night with his Kong tennis ball,and when he wakes up in the morning the first thing he does after he takes his big stretch is finding his toys.

He eats like a horse and is FULL of energy and keeps me and Dustin from ever getting bored.

Jeff and Rhonda are absolutely wonderful and have helped us with any questions or concerns since we got Charlie at 9weeks. Jeff and Rhonda Roche are diamonds in the ruff.

They have been with us and supported us and helped us with Charlie since the day we brought Charlie home.

I would highly recommend that if you are looking for a beautiful and loving AKC German Shepherd puppy that you contact Jeff and Rhonda Roche.

They make dreams come true.

Dustin and I are eternally grateful for having the privlege of being the proud owners of Roche German Shepherd.

Your search will end when you contact Jeff and Rhonda Roche, and your new puppy will fill your heart with love.


Phil and Dustin Ellenbecker

Contact Phil at 608-845-1711

Contact Dustin at 608-575-0268


Wendy & Larry

We wanted to send you quick email with a couple of pictures of Sophies growth.

She weighs roughly 35lbs and is so good. She just came back from a road trip to Alabama and was so well behaved with everyone she met, even with little kids she is real gentle,She is really smart and is learning quickly. She is spoiled but enjoys every minute of it. She does get into trouble every now and then and she even knows she is being naughty 🙂

Take care, Wendy & Larry


Chris And Kate Simonds

We brought Shelby home from Roche’s in September of 2012 and we cannot say enough wonderful things about Jeff and Rhonda and the dog they bred for us. Their customer service and the care they put into matching families with pups is exceptional, but more important than that is the quality of dog they produce. Shelby comes everywhere with us. She is quiet and well behaved in the car, at the office, at an outdoor restaurant, or walking down a bustling street; but at the same time very imposing and presents as a perfect guard dog. She is also great with other dogs. We recently had a large outdoor party with many young children and five other dogs. At just 10 months old, Shelby was very gentle with them, even as the kids ran around screaming and tugging on her coat. She has the perfect temperament for a GSD: calm and watchful; with a bark and a look that keeps us safe. It is such a comfort to know I have a security system with me at all times, and I would trust her instincts in any situation. We definitely recommend Roche’s German Shepherds to anyone looking for a companion, sport dog, obedience competitor, personal protection dog, or next member of your family (we got all of those in one package!) You will enjoy every day that you have one of these dogs.



Hi Rhonda!

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful dog! we went to the dog park yesterday and Laika got along well with all the dogs and made friends with a pug mix that wouldn’t stop tryng to initiate a chase. It was such a good feeling to show other people what an intelligent and gentle breed german shepherds really are and that they are not just aggressive and mean. thank you so much!!

Claire and Brendan c


Brandon Rachas

Top Quality Dogs at a great price! You can really tell the Jeff and Rhonda put a lot of time and effort into these GSDs and it shows. They also provide you with great tips to assist you on the journey. Hard to find people who genuinely care like they do.