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At Roche’s German Shepherds we offer world-class German Shepherd Stud Service for the midwestern region of the United States. Our dogs come from excellent bloodlines with full pedigrees. They are suitable as work dogs, hunting dogs, or family pets with a focus on intelligence, courage, loyalty, and exceptional temperaments. Every puppy is raised in our home with our family to provide the puppies a strong base of socialization with people right away.

German Shepherd Stud Service Availability

Each of our German Shepherd puppies’ bloodlines have been given a VA 1 rating at the World German Sieger show. This annual event held in Germany is renowned for recognizing the top dogs from around the world. Our stud service uses the absolute best when it comes to quality GSD qualities, and we have the pedigree paperwork to prove it. We never exaggerate the attributes of every stud or puppy that we offer. Click

Chopper vom Kaiser Schloss

Percy z Lipe Moravia

Percy is our new stud dog that will remain in Germany for titling. Currently, Percy is a IPO 2, and will be titled to IPO 3.

Born: August 11th, 2019

Percy is a young male from VA Draco vom Roosevec, who is from VA Dux de Intercanina and VA Leo v.d. Zenteiche. One his mother's side his pedigree leads VA Gary Huhnegrab and Wegas vom Fichtenschlag line. In his pedigree can be found also very strong mothers like VA Nathalie vom Alcudia or Jalmari vom Huhnegrab.

Percy is a strong male with correct anatomy, correct size, very nice topline, beautiful, strong head, and very nice expression.


Baru vom Kaiser Schloss

Baru vom Kaiser Schloss

Now Standing at Stud in East Troy, Wisconsin

(Southern WI and Northern IL)

Baru is Max Von Den Warsteiner Quellen aka Max’s son

At Roche’s Pedigree German Shepherds, we have been breeding German Shepherd puppies since 2009. We continuously strive to offer only the best Shepherd stud service and top-quality puppies in the area. We introduce each puppy to the outdoors at four weeks old. At six weeks, we start them on the NuVet nutritional supplement to build a strong foundation for a long and healthy life for every dog.

Our Shepherd stud service lines include some of the world’s best, including Zamp vom Thermodous, Dux Delavalcovia, and Yasko Farbinspiel. This ensures that we breed puppies of the absolute highest standards. You will not find a higher caliber German Shepherd puppy for sale anywhere.

Please contact Roche’s German Shepherds with any questions or concerns about your German Shepherd puppies or breeding services.

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