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Now standing as stud in East Troy WI, Percy z Lipe Moravia IPO 2.

Percy is a strong male with correct anatomy, correct size, very nice topline, beautiful strong head with nice expression. Percy is the son to Draco von Roosevec, IPO 3, V (BSZS) (SG 8 BSZS 2018), and the great grandson to 2X VA 1 Duxde Intercanina IPO 3. On the mother side, Percy is the grandson to VA Gary Vom Huhnegrab IPO 3.


The ultimate goal of our breeding program is to produce loving family companions to make a perfect addition to your family. We pride ourselves on the fact that our puppies are born and raised in our home. By doing this, they learn early on to have solid nerve, courage, adaptability, intelligence, and instinctive protection skills. These traits are only obtainable through the strict breeding process we adhere to.

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Chicago, IL, Wisconsin, Minnesota, & Iowa

Current Litters

DOB: 6/29/22 | Ready for Homes 9/18/22 | 2 Male German Shepherd Puppies Available, 4 Female German Shepherd Puppies Available





When working with Roche’s, making sure that your new puppy is safe, happy, and healthy is extremely important to us. With that in mind, our contract is completely transparent, and unbelievably backed by us.

  • If you have ANY questions regarding your puppy and through adulthood, we are more than happy to help - always.
  • If there is a genetic issue with your puppy, we do not request that you “return” them. Rather, we work with you and not only stand behind the puppy but stand behind YOU. Whether you need financial support with the puppy, or overall guidance. We understand that you have already created an irreplaceable relationship with your puppy and do not want to compromise that.
  • You can have confidence in knowing that you have a breeder who will stand behind you and trust you.
  • Our dogs are imported from the finest bloodlines in Germany.

AGNES – Chicago, IL

We just got a new puppy from Jeff and Rhonda, and it was love at first sight! We could tell he cares about giving his puppies a good home. He was very easy to work with and our new puppy is active and healthy! We would definitely recommend Jeff and Rhonda if you are hoping to add a furry member to your family.

AGNES - Chicago, IL


Our little Girl is such a delight to be around. Such a smart dog. We got her 2 weeks ago and she is already potty trained!



My family purchased our first GSD puppy from Roche’s German shepherds in August of this year. We are so impressed with the temperament and beauty of our little girl. Not so little anymore. Jeff and Rhonda have so much pride and love they give their own dogs and you can certainly see how this trait carries over into the puppies. Max the father, is absolutely stunning and his temperament and demeanor is exactly what we were looking for. With little children in the house temperament was very important to us. Thanks again Jeff and Rhonda for giving us such a loving healthy puppy.


Shari Cooper – Bloomington IL

We have been working with Jeff and Rhonda Roche for awhile now. we have been more than impressed with the quality and care they show their puppies and adult dogs. we have had 3 litters in the last year where Max was the sire! all the puppies are very healthy, intelligent and have the best temperaments! our vet has also been thoroughly impressed with the puppies sired by max! we couldn’t be happier with the way that the Roche’s have treated us and also our adult breeding females and their puppies! we would highly recommend them as quality german shepherd breeders!

Shari Cooper - Bloomington IL


Drove up from St.Louis and pick up our beautiful 8 week old pup


Michael Abbene – Chicago IL

We love Jeff and Rhonda! They produce incredible GSDs. We have a four yr old female, Arya by Untox. She is beyond intelligent, obedient, protective and yet so gentle with children and babies. To top it off, Arya is my seizure dog. Thank you Jeff & Rhonda!

Michael Abbene – Chicago IL

Dan Miller – Milwaukee WI

Great breeder and great people. Rhonda is a wealth of knowledge. Love my Chloe. She’s amazing.

Dan Miller – Milwaukee WI

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​Why German Shepherd Puppies Are Great for Families With ChildrenSince 2009, Roche’s German Shepherd’s has been breeding purebred German Shepherd dogs. Staying true to the strict German standard, we offer quality German Shepherd puppies for sale throughout Chicago, Northern Illinois, Eastern Iowa and Wisconsin.

We are committed to utilizing world class, imported German Shepherd dogs from top producing West German Shepherd lines. Our lines include some of the world’s best, including Zamp vom Thermodous, Dux Delavalcovia, and Yasko Farbinspiel, ensuring that we breed puppies of the absolute highest standards.

The ultimate goal of our breeding program is to produce loving family companions. For this reason, we breed German Shepherd puppies with solid nerve, courage, adaptability, intelligence, and instinctive protection skills. These traits are only obtainable through the strict breeding process we adhere to.

To produce the perfect addition to your family, each puppy is born and raised in our home. At four weeks, we introduce all pups to the outdoors, and at six weeks, we start all puppies on the NuVet supplement, building a foundation for a strong, long healthy life.


German shepherd puppies are a great addition to family homes as well as excellent dogs for a variety of jobs. Because of their intelligence and quick-learning abilities, this breed has long been used for a range of tasks from herding to home protection. German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds in the country and our dogs are the cream of the crop.

Contact us today for more information at 262-592-3009. To view our available puppies and upcoming German Shepherd puppies for sale in Wisconsin, please browse our website. We are available to answer any questions you might have about these wonderful animals.