German Shepherd Puppies Wisconsin

For over a decade, Roche’s German Shepherds has imported some of the highest quality dogs to bring you the best German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin. Our major goal in delivering healthy, happy purebred German Shepherds to families and police officers. Our focus is to maintain the highest possible standards, continue strong and healthy bloodlines, and provide exceptional family companions.

German Shepherd Puppies WisconsinGerman Shepherd Puppies Wisconsin Born and Raised

 We have access to some of the best German Shepherd lines anywhere, and selectively breed for the best quality offspring. Our attention to genetic management is not the only thing that goes into our ability to offer the perfect puppies for your home long-term. Instead of simply breeding for appearance or physical health, we also strive for intelligent, courageous, adaptable, and strong instinctive dogs who make exceptional family companions for all ages.

Not everything comes down to careful breeding and genetic lines, however. Roche’s German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin are raised in our loving home. Our puppies are introduce to both indoor and outdoor experiences. Above all they our beloved pets nurtured with love. This gives them the best possible start in life so they easily adapt to your home and family. They also receive appropriate veterinary care, quality food, and nutritional supplements for maximum health.


Why Choose Pedigree German Shepherd Puppies?


German shepherds are some of the most popular dogs in the entire world. GSD’s are appreciated for their loyalty, mental sharpness, and natural instincts. German Shepherd dogs are suitable as home protection, herding, assistance companions, and furry members of the family. Our focus on producing the best top pedigree German Shepherds.


Finally if you live in Wisconsin or in the surrounding regions of Chicago, Illinois, or Iowa, contact us for more information. Like us on Facebook to get notifications of our next availability of purebred German Shepherd puppies from some of the top bloodlines in the world. You want your family pet healthy, happy, integrate well, and provide few years of companionship and service. We share these goals and as a result do everything possible to bring them to life.