Phil Ellenbecker



Phil Ellenbecker

Charlie pup was born on January 13th 2013 to Jeff and Rhonda Roche. My son Dustin and I searched for a good dog for over 4 years and then we found Roche’s German Shepherds.

I have loved dog’s since I was 7 years old.

My first dog was Ginger and she was a great friend and companion.

Since then I have been fortunate to have 3 German Shepherds and they were all very good dogs and I loved them dearly.

But this puppy that we were blessed with from the Roche’s is beyond doubt the most beautiful and loving puppy that I have ever had the privilege of being my friend.

He loves kids and he loves to play and he is the most intelligent dog that I have ever had in my life of 64 years.

Charlie learned how to sit and shake hands in less that 2days, and he was only 4 months old.

He loves to eat popcorn with my son Dustin while watching TV. Some of his favorite treats are carrots,icecubes,milk bones,Alpo Snaps,frozen popsicle sticks,peanut butter,peanuts,and his Nu-vet supplements.

Of course anything that we are eating at the dining room table.

Charlie “Roche” Ellenbecker is only 6 months old now and yet he has all of the potential for being a show dog that could win blue ribbons.

Charlie pup is not just a dog-or a German Shepherd.

Charlie is a GREAT dog!! and he is full of love and kisses.

His favorite toys are his Gator Aid bottles and his gallon milk bottles rattling with pennies. He sleeps at night with his Kong tennis ball,and when he wakes up in the morning the first thing he does after he takes his big stretch is finding his toys.

He eats like a horse and is FULL of energy and keeps me and Dustin from ever getting bored.

Jeff and Rhonda are absolutely wonderful and have helped us with any questions or concerns since we got Charlie at 9weeks. Jeff and Rhonda Roche are diamonds in the ruff.

They have been with us and supported us and helped us with Charlie since the day we brought Charlie home.

I would highly recommend that if you are looking for a beautiful and loving AKC German Shepherd puppy that you contact Jeff and Rhonda Roche.

They make dreams come true.

Dustin and I are eternally grateful for having the privlege of being the proud owners of Roche German Shepherd.

Your search will end when you contact Jeff and Rhonda Roche, and your new puppy will fill your heart with love.


Phil and Dustin Ellenbecker

Contact Phil at 608-845-1711

Contact Dustin at 608-575-0268