Tips for German Shepherd Boarding in Wisconsin

If you are going out of town, or you just need somebody to take your dog for a few nights, choosing the right kennel to board your dog can be a difficult decision to make. You want to make sure that you’re putting your pet in the hands of people who are dedicated to providing the best care for your dog while you’re away. In order to pick a winner, there are a few considerations you may want to take when looking for German Shepherd boarding in Wisconsin.

  1. Talk to other dog owners. Try to ask around for recommendations from other dog owners. Dog parks, pet supply stores and online forums can be indispensable resources for information about which kennels are good, and which ones should be avoided.
  2. Visit the kennel with your dog. It’s always a good idea to accompany your dog when making the initial visit to a kennel. This way, if you do decide to board your dog there, it isn’t a completely unfamiliar environment. It’s a way to show your dog that the kennel is an okay place. If you are planning on boarding your dog for a longer time, like a week or more, it can be helpful to board your dog there a few days before leaving. This lets you visit your dog at the kennel, allowing it to get used to the environment without the stress of a sudden separation from its family.
  3. Look for ample exercise space. No matter what breed of dog you have, it is important that it have the chance to exercise and get some sunlight every day. Regular daily play sessions are great for reducing the amount of stress your dog will experience in the new environment.
  4. Watch out for overcrowding. Even if the kennel you’re considering has a large area for outdoor play, it is important to check out the indoor areas as well. If you don’t think your dog will be able to relax due to constant contact with other animals, noise or too little individual space, don’t hesitate to look somewhere else. Dogs can experience a tremendous amount of stress when separated from their family members, and it is important that they be able to relax when they need to.
  5. Pick a place that will honor specific care requests. Look for a place that will allow you to provide your dog’s favorite food and treats. Even a slight change in food can have a significant impact on the overall digestive health of your dog. When you factor in the stress of staying in a kennel, it is important that your dog have the ability to eat familiar food. Even more importantly, if your dog requires a specific medication, make sure that all of the care providers are well informed about how much to administer and how often.

As stressful as looking for a good kennel in which to board your dog may be for you, the experience will be much more stressful for your dog. If you are looking for German Shepherd boarding in Wisconsin, Roche’s German Shepherds offers the best care around.