Healthy German Shepherd Puppies Chicago IL By Reputable German Shepherd Breeder

Everyone loves a good German shepherd dog. They are just downright adorable, loyal, and faithful. German shepherds are great dogs that live up to the age of 13 to 14; you can’t afford to slip up when obtaining a German shepherd puppy. Once you decide you want a German shepherd puppy, your next step is to search for a reputable breeder. Healthy German Shepherd Puppies Chicago IL By Reputable German Shepherd Breeder is not always as easy to find as you would think. 

How Do You Get a Quality German Shepherd Breeder?

A reputable German shepherd breeder is one who focuses on preserving and improving the German shepherd breed in general. The breeder would have a carefully planned out breeding program to ensure a healthy stock of happy puppies.

German Shepherd Puppies Chicago IL

What to Know About German Shepherd Dogs and Breeders

When finding a German shepherd breeder, there is usually no in-betweens. Either they are a good breeder or bad breeder. This is something that should be kept in mind. 

Since not all breeders are reputable, it is best to know just how to identify the good breeders from the bad ones. A good breeder will focus on the health of the dog, the preservation and also look for safe ways to improve the quality of the breed. Everything from medical care, maintenance, and food for the puppies is taken into consideration.

A reputable German shepherd breeder would also make sure to show and tell you how to take care of your puppy once you obtain one. They will usually have a series of questions to ask in an effort to ensure that their puppies are being left in good hands. Appropriate answers would be required before they feel comfortable selling to you. The breeder would also require you to sign a purchase contract that would state a health guarantee, a spay or neuter clause and also an agreement to return a purchased puppy in the event you are unable to care for it anymore.

As you can see, seeking out a reputable breeder has many benefits. A German shepherd breeder will not just focus on making a profit. They have a tremendous love for these dogs and want the very best for them. 

Roche’s German Shepherds

If you are looking for the best German shepherd breeders in Chicago, IL area then this is the right place for you. Roche’s German Shepherds has been selling and breeding high quality purebred German shepherds since 2009. 

Roche’s German Shepherds is located in East Troy, WI, 1 hour from Madison, WI, 2 hours from Chicago, IL, 1 hour from Rockford, IL, 3 hours from Cedar Rapids, IA, and 3 hours from Rochester MN.

We completely understand just how perfect it can be for a family to have a healthy and beautiful German shepherd puppy, that is why we raise each and every puppy within our home and introduce them to the outdoor world at 4 weeks old. We make sure they get all the supplements they need from 6 weeks in order to keep them strong and healthy, raising the best quality German shepherd puppies!

Looking for German Shepherd Puppies in the Chicago area contact us at: 262-592-3009 or send us a message.