German Shepherd Puppies for Sale Illinois

German Shepherd puppies for sale Illinois

Why should you buy your German Shepherd pup from us?

Our puppies are world-class. All Pedigree German Shepherds puppies are from champion bloodlines and you will not find dogs of a higher caliber anywhere. Pedigree German Shepherd puppies are descendants of world renowned lines such as Dux Delavalcovia, Zamp vom Thermodous, and Yasko Farbinspiel. Each puppy we sell has a pedigree and certification.

Award Winning

Every year, the World German Sieger Show is held in Germany. The show recognizes the top dogs from around the world.  Each of the aforementioned bloodlines has been rated as VA 1 every year. This is the highest honor available for German Shepherds.

Acclimation and Socialization

For the first six weeks of life our German Shepherd puppies live in our home with our family. This acclimates the puppies to humans right away in a warm and loving environment. Puppies are impressionable when they’re young and socializing with them immediately begins a strong bond between the dog and people. This is good for the dog’s demeanor and helps him or her to adjust to his permanent owners more easily.

German Shepherds are among the most popular dog breeds on the planet and for good reason. These dogs are loyal and smart. Capable of being trained in a variety of different jobs ranging from guiding the blind to sniffing for bombs, German Shepherds can be found the world over performing these tasks and more with great proficiency. The can work on farms, with firefighters and police; you can find our dogs everywhere.

German Shepherds are also fantastic for families and residential life. These dogs are wonderful with children and the elderly. They are protective enough that they’ll alert you in the case of danger while maintaining a peaceful presence otherwise. Our owner, Jeff Roche, has been working with German Shepherds since he was a small child and knows these animals inside and out.

Pedigree German Shepherds – less than 2 hours from Chicago in East Troy, Wisconsin.

German Shepherd puppies for sale Illinois