Getting the Best German Shepherd Puppies in Wisconsin

So, you’ve made the decision to adopt a German Shepherd puppy and you’ve begun the search for a reputable breeder—that’s great! Do you know exactly what you’re looking for in a new pup or are you simply trying to learn more about the dogs themselves before taking one home? Do you have requirements regarding your pup? These are just two questions to ask yourself before the selection process begins and there are a number of factors to consider before making an investment in your new pup—like where you’ll be buying one. Take a look at this quick checklist of things to consider before talking to breeders about German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin:

Breeding Standards: When you’re buying a dog from a breeder, you always want to make sure that your chosen breeder is selling dogs of the highest quality—meaning they’re purebred and have a long history of meeting the standards laid down by different breeding organizations. For example, when it comes to German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin, Roche’s German Shepherds adheres to standards set down by SV Germany and maintains its purebreds to the strict German standard. It also has a long lineage of purebred studs, with records to prove their caliber. If your breeder doesn’t have qualifications along these lines or proof that their puppies are purebred, it’s time to take the search for your new puppy elsewhere.

A Record of Excellence: In keeping with a long lineage of purebred litters, a breeder focusing on German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin should also have a long record of satisfied customers to back up their reputation. Breeders who have a history of great results and positive feedback from customers are able to show a valuable record of excellence—something that new breeders and those with less than stellar reputations are unable to provide. Consult your breeder and ask about testimonials from past adopters or references in order to learn a little bit more about the service you’ll be dealing with.

Peripheral Services: Buying a puppy from a breeder is about more than just paying money to take a dog home with you—it’s about being able to rely on that breeder for information, insight and other services when it comes to raising your dog. Does the breeder offer training classes? Can they teach you more about the proper way to care for your new pup? It’s these things that you should be concerned about when adopting a puppy because it shows that the breeder you’ve chosen to utilize has a vested interest in their dogs.

In order to get the best German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin, be sure to focus on the breeder you’re dealing with as much or more than the puppy you’ve got your eye on. Choosing the right breeder will ensure that you’re getting a healthy, happy purebred that’s going to grow up properly into the dog you’re hoping for.