Why You Should Travel To Buy a German Shepherd Puppy

Nowadays, it seems like you can’t go anywhere without hearing the term, ‘buy local’ in advertisements. For a lot of things, like apples, that is true. But when it comes to a buying a German Shepherd puppy, buying local may or may not be the best thing. It truly depends on where you live, and who are the quality German Shepherd breeders in your local area. A German Shepherd puppy requires a great deal of investment by a top-caliber breeder to produce dogs with superior temperaments, world-class looks, and excellent workability. So, yes, buy local when it comes to fruits and vegetables, but here’s why you should travel to buy a German Shepherd puppy.

Is Pedigree Important?

Yes, most definitely. As explained in detail by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, the breed has specific standards established as the gold-standard for GSD breeders (source). A reputable, experienced breeder is passionate about perfecting his or her breed of choice and goes to great lengths to achieve this goal. Typically, a breeder maintains a detailed catalog of his or her pedigree German Shepherd dogs including physical attributes, temperament, coat color and texture, conformation names and titles, etc. A lot of work goes into ensuring the quality of a pedigree GSD, and it involves a lot more than regal names. A dedicated breeder analyzes all of their collected data and works diligently, and with the utmost ethics, to bring about the best qualities and traits in their pedigree GSD liters.

Buy From a High-Quality German Shepherd Breeder

Superb pedigree dogs are the result of the most committed breeders. So, not only is a German Shepherd puppy’s pedigree important so is the breeder who plays a pivotal role in the ongoing enhancements of the standards. Truth-be-told, a breeder is one of the main reasons why you should travel to buy a pedigree German Shepherd puppy. You want to know that the breeder you are dealing with is working to achieve the highest quality puppies possible, and works with the best GSD bloodlines available. Additionally, you want to ensure that a breeder is adhering to a code of ethics whereby they maintain continuing education pertinent to the breed, and who work with their puppies to excel neurologically, physically, and temperamentally.

An excellent GSD breeder is focused on the future generations of this magnificent breed. They are continually studying the long-term effects that their breeding program has on prospective propagations of their beloved dogs. Helping develop a well-rounded pedigree German Shepherd is a reward in itself to a devoted breeder.

Why You Should Travel To Buy a Pedigree German Shepherd Puppy

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to getting a pedigree puppy. For a German Shepherd, it is paramount that you select the best breeder versus one that is close in proximity. A high-quality GSD breeder strives for pedigree bloodlines that have world-class recognition for producing excellent puppies. Here are some of the more important things to consider when selecting a GSD puppy:

  • Breeder Experience and Management – understand how long the breeder has been in the profession, and the type of data maintained to help inform his or her breeding process.
  • Breeder Commitment – ask for pre and post birthing details regarding the care and handling of the litter. Understand how the litter will be exercised and socialized. Inquire about the veterinary care and feeding plans the litter will experience.
  • Pedigree – review in detail the litter’s lineage and discuss history, bloodlines, temperament, intelligence, and other details with the breeder. This will allow you to learn about the puppies from someone who is deeply committed to their well-being.
  • References – obtain references for people who purchased puppies from breeders that pique your interest. Previous experiences are always a good indication of what to expect.

There are several things you want to think about when adding a GSD puppy to your life. These serve as the starting point. But, don’t be limited to just these four points. You’ll want to have good discussions with breeders, review their websites, and understand how you want your future dog to fit into your life.

Ready To Buy a German Shepherd Puppy?

We always get excited when people add a puppy to their family. It’s a special time, and while the puppy phase goes by rather fast, it is heartwarming to us at Roche’s German Shepherds to know that we’ve played a part in adding joy to a family. That’s why it’s important to select the right puppy, and for that, you may be required to travel. But, we definitely think our dogs are worth it!

Why You Should Travel To Buy a German Shepherd Puppy