Wrong Genes Gone Right: Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies

Max Von Stephanitz, the creator of the German Shepherd breed, came up with this gorgeous breed in year 1980. Stephantiz aimed to create courageous, intelligent dogs and the good looks came as a bonus.

To add to their glory, German Shepherd dogs that Stephanitz bred had several striking colors and different kinds of coats.

One type of the GSD breed is long haired. Studies suggest that long haired German Shepherd puppies are born when some GSD genes that actually went wrong.

These genes are called recessive genes, but produce Shepherds that are even more beautiful than those with the right genes.

Long-Coated German Shepherd Dogs for Sale

The beautiful sheepdogs have three basic coat lengths: short, plush, and long. The three types have varying lengths of fullness of the coat.

Long haired GSD can be easily identified by their long tufts of hair, often known as “feathering” or “feathers”. These tufts are present mostly behind the ears and on the back of their limbs.

Well-coated GSD are then further categorized  into two types; one with rough hair and the other with smooth hair. Both  kinds are equally gorgeous, but the ones with smooth hair are heavenly to touch.

While short or plush coats are more commonly seen, there are professional dog breeders having long-coated German Shepherd dogs for sale. These long haired shepherds are rare; in fact you can easily say that 95% of the Shepherd population is the standard type i.e. short or plush haired.

Getting a long coated shepherd will also get you room to get grooming done nicely. Different pet salons have experts who can give your gorgeous GSD a stylish cut. With cuts as such, your already stunning dog is sure to turn even more heads.

Just like the short and plush haired GSD, the long-coated Shepherds come in charming colors.

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