Why German Shepherd Puppies Are Great for Families With Children

Choose a German Shepherd Pup for Children in the Family

One of the best things we can do for children is to expose them to situations that help develop their empathy, and a German Shepherd pup offers this opportunity. This helps them develop into emotionally well-rounded, and empathetic adults. Dogs are naturally caring, and full of empathy. Puppies are fabulous for children, as they help strengthen emotional bonds and aid in teaching responsibility. But not all dogs are good with small children. Choose a German Shepherd to introduce to your home and family.

Before You Bring Home Your German Shepherd Pup

Before you add a dog to your family, everyone should learn about canine etiquette. While adults know that dogs and puppies are a different species with their own set of rules and order, a child does not. You must establish clear ground rules before your new precious German Shepherd puppy joins your family. Here are some things to consider:

  • Safety Zone/Times – when a puppy is sleeping, drinking, eating, or chewing on a treat, it’s ‘no touching’ and ‘no encroachment’ time. While some dogs are fine with being touched or having their space invaded during these times, some are not. It’s best that an adult help their child understand these boundaries, as a little one won’t be able to judge what is ‘too close.’
  • Not a Toy – it’s important that children understand that a puppy is not a plaything. Puppies are not bendable, squeezable, or allowed to be treated roughly. It’s vital that children understand that they are not to hop on the back of a puppy or adult dog. Also, they can’t pull ears, tails, or legs like children may do with their stuffed toys.
  • Inside Manners – dogs and puppies do best inside rooms or smaller spaces with a child who is calm versus jumping around, making loud noises. It’s important that the adults in the house set an example by taking rambunctious activity outside and to allow the puppy a choice to participate.
  • Preparation – a household is going to add a new member, and that’s exciting! A puppy will require several things to help him or her to feel safe and loved. Also, there needs to be consideration of the things a new puppy will need for its daily life and caring. Click here to see the things to have on hand when bringing home your new German shepherd puppy.

Why German Shepherd Puppies Are Great for Families With Children

While German Shepherds are strong and muscular when full-grown, you may be surprised to know that they are very loving. This is particularly true when they grow up from a young age with a caring family. Additionally, this magnificent breed is incredibly loyal to its family. These attributes combine to bring you a dog that protects and maintains a gentle nature to those closest to him or her.

Consider these top reasons why German Shepherd puppies are great for families with children:

  • Sociability: a natural desire to belong makes them perfect for pairing up with children. Starting as playmates when young will increase the bond between a GSD and the young people in the family.
  • Playful nature: smart to the core, a GSD also loves a good time. This is excellent for families with children who like to play fun hide-and-seek or ‘hide the toy’ type games. Having a child play off a GSD’s intelligence is a surefire way to increase their bond.
  • Patient demeanor: tolerant as the day is long, a well-socialized GSD is perfect for children. Whether it’s playtime, nap time, or reading time, a GSD will enjoy spending time with the ones s/he loves.
  • High endurance for playtime: with a muscular body it’s clear that a GSD has good endurance. This attribute works well with children, as they also have high stores of energy all day long.
  • Keen intelligence for learning: one of the most outstanding things about a GSD is their ability to learn new things. So, when paired with a child, a well-bred, well-socialized GSD will adapt to playing gently. This is a necessary trait for families with young children.
  • Devoted nature to caretakers: while guarded or aloof with strangers, GSDs truly focus on their owners, including their safety. This trait comes in handy when children play with their dog outside.

A Pedigree German Shepherd Puppy Will Dazzle Children

When you consider adding a German Shepard puppy to the family, make sure that s/he is a pedigreed German Shepherd. This will assure that your puppy has been bred from registered German Shepherds who meet breed standards (source). Not only will you get a loving and loyal dog, but also one that is physically optimal. Here at Roche’s German Shepherds, we take special care of our pedigree puppies. Starting at three days of age we expose them to exercises that stimulate their neurological systems, build heart strength, enhance immunity, and ready them to more easily tolerate stress. In addition, as our puppies mature, we introduce them to a variety of experiences and people of all ages. Whether or not you get one of our German Shepherd puppies to add to your home, make sure that the one you select has had this type of devoted care and attention.

German Shepherd Dog: A Perfect Family Member

With all these great attributes, it’s easy to see why German Shepherd puppies make perfect additions to a family. Honestly, what child doesn’t want to grow up with a puppy. The experiences and memories that come from a child sharing their life with a dog are invaluable. The bond between a child and a dog is the perfect mix of ingredients needed for developing caring and healthy emotions.

Why German Shepherd Puppies Are Great for Families With Children