Things to Have on Hand When Bringing Home Your New German Shepherd Puppy

Things to Have on Hand When Bringing Home Your New German Shepherd PuppyYou have picked out a German Shepherd puppy to add to your family. That is a wonderful choice! They are wonderful companions, protective workers, and loyal members of the family. Just before you bring home your new puppy, it is important that you get set up to keep them happy and safe. Here are some very important things to have on hand when your new puppy comes home.

They Need a Safe Place to Call Home

For puppies, having a safe haven that is just theirs is comforting. They are going to come into your home and feel a bit lonely for a short time. Giving them some place that is theirs allows them to feel safe in the new environment. A crate that is adjustable as they grow is a great option, as it gives them someplace that is not too big now, but can grow as they do.

They Need Toys to Keep Them Occupied

Puppies are chewers, that is just par for the course. Just like children, teething hurts, and they have a lot of teeth coming in, so they like to chew. Make sure that you have things on hand that are safe for them to chew on. Go with the heavy-chewer varieties of toys for them, as they will likely continue to chew for a few months, maybe longer.

There Are Going to Be Incidentals Your Puppy Needs

You need to make sure that you ask the German Shepherd breeder-Illinois what your puppy is going to come with. Some come with food, while others come with the name of the food they are used to and you have to buy it. Some come with a leash and collar, while others you will need to have when you pick up your new puppy. Find out from your breeder which of these items to get to make sure your puppy is safe and happy from the first moment in your home.

For more ideas on what to have when you bring home your new puppy, make sure you reach out to your German Shepherd breeder, Illinois!