Puppy Names

Choosing dog names, tips for finding the perfect puppy name

Helpful tips for choosing a puppy name.

One-syllable names, like Jack and Max, make learning and recognition somewhat easier for your dog. Two-syllable names will also work because your dog will detect the first syllable sound.

Avoid names that sound similar to your basic obedience commands, sit, stay, down, come, heel. Names like Brownie or Neil are examples, choosing dog names like these could confuse the pup.

Try to give your dog a name that is different in sound than names of your family members. Your dog will get confused with a similar sounding name and won’t know you are calling him.

Think of a name that’s catchy and is easy to call out; you’ll be using it in public very often to recall your German Shepherd puppy.

Choosing a puppy name from our list of German Sherpherd names will remind your German Shepherd Puppy of her German heritage every time you call her!

Check out this long list of female German Shepherd dog names and you should find that perfect name right here! As always, we did our best to research the meanings, hopefully you’ll find an awesome one.

Puppy names are everywhere making German dog names very unique! We carefully sorted and edited our list with hopes to offer Dane appropriate girl dog names. If you know of any female German puppy names that are not listed, please send them over and we’ll include them here.

Good luck and have fun, we hope our list helps you find the perfect name for your female german shepherd!

We hope you enjoy the list, have fun with your name search and don’t give up!

View German Shepherd Male Names

German Shepherd Female Names:

Puppy names

German Shepherd Male Names:

Name Origin
Aldo German for Old and Wise.
Aldous German for Old and Wise (See Aldo).
Alfred English for Counselor or Elf Counsel (OK, Lord of the Rings fans).
Axel Hebrew for Father of Peace.
Bach J.S. Bach was a famous German composer.
Barette German for Bear-brave.
Baron Low ranking British nobleman. This was my first of two male German Shepherd names chosen by our family.
Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven was a famous German composer.
Benz As in Mercedes-Benz.
Berg A German city that means Mountain.
Berlin Berlin is the Capital of Germany.
Bismarck 19th Century Prussian/German statesman.
Blitz Violent military attack.
Bonn German city. Good one syllable dog name. I have a friend named Bonn Kulah.
Boris Slavonic for Battle or Fight.
Brantley Germanic for Sword.
Britz A German city – good one syllable name.
Bruno Germanic for Brown (appropriate for a German Shepherd)
Buddy Served as the very first seeing eye dog in 1928. Buddy’s owner, Frank Morris, founded The Seeing Eye, the oldest seeing eye guide dog school in the world.
Burgh German for Protection.
Burke German for A Fortification.
Chance English for Good Luck.
Dietrich German for Ruler of the People.
Donner German for Thunder.
Einstein The famous Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist and philosopher.
Ellard German for Noble and Brave.
Emerich German for Home Ruler.
Falk German surname connected with Falconry.
Ferguson Germanic for Noble and Strong.
Fritz German for Peaceful Ruler.
Gaston From Gascony (character in Beauty and the Beast).
Goethe Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German Poet and Philosopher.
Haan Haan is a beautiful German city. A good one syllable dog name and one of my favorite male German Shepherd names.
Hansel Character in the German fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.
Helmar Germanic for Famous Protector. Fighting Fury in Swedish.
Hertz German for Kind Hearted. A good one syllable dog name.
Herz German for Hardy or Brave. A good one syllable dog name.
Henri Germanic for Home Ruler.
Ido German for Work.
Ivo German for Yew or Cut Wood.
Jackson Litterally, Jack’s Son.
Jacques Hebrew for Supplanter.
Jamin Hebrew for Right Hand. Great name for a service dog.
Jimmie Hebrew for Supplanter (also Jimmy, Jimmee, Jim and Jimm)
Johannes German for John.
Joker For Batman, Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger fans. Maybe your dog is just funny.
Juniper A ubiquitous tree in Central Oregon, my old stomping grounds.
Jupiter Latin for Father god.
Kaiser German for Emperor (also a car from the 1950s).
Kam Short for Kameron. A good one syllable dog name.
Kameron A Gaelic term meaning Crooked Nose. For Owen Wilson fans?
Kant Sanskrit for Brilliant or Beloved. Also an 18th-century German philospher.
Karch Name of famous American volleyball player. Does it fit the male German Shepherd names list? Even if you don’t think so, I just really like the name.
Karl German for Free Man.
Keifer German for Barrel Maker. Any 24 fans?
Kiel A German city known for its sailing events. Have you ever heard of Kiel Week?
Klaus Short form of german name Nicholas.
Kleve German city name. Good one syllable dog name.
Kodiak Russian for Island. This was the name of my second German Shepherd.
Kramer German Shopkeeper.
Krypto Superman’s pet dog in the comics.
Lando Germanic for Famous Country. Also Lando Calrissian from Star Wars.
Landry Germanic for Master of the Land.
Leuther German for Army person.
Lothar German for Army person.
Luther German for Army person (sounds familiar).
Marcus The Roman god of Mars.
Max Latin for Greatest. Shortened version of Maximus.
Maximus Latin for Greatest.
Mercedes As in Mercedes-Benz. Also Spanish for Mercies.
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a famous German composer.
Munich Munich is the Capital city of Bavaria, Germany.
Otter Small German city. I just like this name, although it may be more suitable for a Labrador Retriever or Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
Ozzy English for Divine Spear
Panzer Famous German tank from World War II
Quincy Latin for Fifth.
Ratt An American metal band. Also my friend’s hunting dog. A good one syllable dog name.
Rico Germanic for Strong Power.
Rin Tin Tin Arguably the most famous of all male German Shepherd names.
Rolf Germanic for famous wolf. A good one syllable dog name.
Rolly Germanic for Famous Country. See also Lando, Rollin, Roly.
Rom Hebrew for Highness. Also a good one syllable dog name.
Rudi Germanic for famous wolf. See also Rolf, Rudy, Rudolf, Rudolph.
Saxon German for Sharp Blade or Sword.
Schnaps German for strong alcoholic drink. The English version is Schnapps, an alcoholic drink.
Sigmond German for Protector. Also Sigmund.
Strongheart Star of the 1925 movie, White Fang.
Tillie German for Powerful Battler.
Ugo Germanic for Mind, Heart or Spirit.
Vonn Welsh or English for Little (also Von). A good one syllable dog name.
Waldo Germanic for Ruler.
Walker English for a Worker.
Walter Germanic for Ruler of the Army. I just love this name.
Werner German for Protecting Army.
Will Germanic for Will, Desire, Helmet, Protection. Also Willie.
Wolfe English for The Wolf. A good one syllable dog name. Also good for a Siberian Husky.
Wulf German for Wolf.
Xanten Xanten is the only German city that starts with X. Here are a few more puppy names that start with X.
Zack Hebrew for The Lord Remembers. A good one syllable dog name.
Zak Hebrew for Pure. A good one syllable dog name.
Zaki Arabic for Pure or Virtuous (similar to Zak).
Zellmer German for Ruller of the Village.
Ziggy Germanic for Victorious Protector.