German Shepherd Puppies Wisconsin

Why Do German Shepherds Rate High In Intelligence?

One of the best things about dogs is their emotional connections to their humans. Dogs love us, and they are not afraid to show it. But, love alone doesn’t make a dog one of the easiest to train. Comprehension plays a big part in a dog’s ability to be trained, and this requires smarts. This…

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Consider adopting a new German Shepherd puppy?

If your active family is considering adopting a new puppy or dog, you may want to consider German Shepherds. They are great additions to families of all sizes, wonderful at keeping your family and property safe, and sociable enough to have around family members of all ages. Here are some important things to remember if…

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Types of Rare Purebred German Shepherds in Wisconsin

For many dog owners, a breed of dog is just that: a moniker for what they can tell people who inquire about what type of dog they have. For others, however, the breed of a dog determines far more than what that dog can be called—it’s a gateway into learning more about its traits, history…

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