Consider adopting a new German Shepherd puppy?

If your active family is considering adopting a new puppy or dog, you may want to consider German Shepherds. They are great additions to families of all sizes, wonderful at keeping your family and property safe, and sociable enough to have around family members of all ages. Here are some important things to remember if you are thinking that the German Shepherd breed is ideal for your family.

The Many Jobs of German Shepherds

Most people are used to seeing German Shepherds in security roles, such as police K9 units or military dogs, but there are far more jobs that can be attributed to this humble breed. However, one of the most common roles for them is that of the family’s protector. The breed has been well documented as protective of those they consider to be a part of their pack, as the breed in general tends to be fearless. That is why, with the right type of training, they do so well in defensive roles.

German Shepherds are also active herding dogs, which is part of what makes them ideal companions for the youngest of family members. They will keep a close eye on young children, and have even been known to push children back toward a safer environment if they sense any type of danger around. This is especially true when you raise a family with a young dog, as they grow and bond together. If you are looking to add a young puppy to your growing family, consider looking up “German Shepherd puppies for sale Wisconsin” or whatever state you live in so you can see what type of professionally bred dogs you have near your home.

The Many Looks of German Shepherds

While the standard coloration is often considered to be black and tan, the German Shepherd can actually be nearly any color variation. There are pure white and pure black German Shepherds, and almost every color in between. German Shepherds can also have a wide variation with how long their fur is. While all German Shepherds should be groomed on a regular basis, if you happen to find one with long hair, you should expect that requirement to increase. The good thing is that this grooming routine helps build a bond between the dog and its owner, creating an even stronger sense of loyalty than is innately within the breed.

German Shepherds Are Not For Everyone

If your family is sedentary, or you prefer to not have to be active outdoors, then you may want to consider a different breed. German Shepherds crave work, they are eager to please their family members, and they are always willing to help when a job needs to be done. They are fine within a home for some parts of the day, but without a regular walk and/or exercise routine, you may end up with an unhappy companion that is not showing off its best attributes. Active people will bond quickly with their puppies, and they will also be able to quickly establish the leadership role with their companion.

Just remember, if you have decided that this is the breed for you, to make sure you look around to find the best place to adopt your new family member from. Simple internet searches, such as German Shepherd puppies for sale, IL, or your home state, can give you an abundance of information on the types of breeders local to your home. That way you can visit the location and meet the parents of your new potential family member.