Buying a German Shepherd from a Professional Dog Breeder Wisconsin?

Are you going back and forth on Buying a German Shepherd from a Professional Dog Breeder in Wisconsin verses a private party?

German Shepherds are too irresistible, but one must carefully give the buying decision a thought before opting for it. Even when you have finally decided to own a German Shepherd you should not be too impulsive to select one for yourself.

It is recommended you go to qualified, honest dog breeder such as Roche’s GSD. Since 2009, Roche’s German Shepherd’s has been breeding purebred German Shepherd dogs. Staying true to the strict German standard, we offer quality German Shepherd puppies for sale throughout Chicago, Northern Illinois, Eastern Iowa and Wisconsin.

Things to Remember when purchasing a German Shepherd Puppy:

  • You should essentially learn everything about the breed before opting to bring a GSD home. These dogs are well-behaved, obedient, and intelligent; you must know how to make the most of these qualities when training it.
  • A German Shepherd’s food, vet, and grooming costs will approximately be three thousand dollars per year. Make sure you have enough to nurture a healthy and happy pup.
  • It is important to check on both parents of the puppy. Are they happy and healthy?
  • It’s highly recommended to purchase a German Shepherd Puppy from professional dog breeders like Roche’s. Professional dog breeders invest their time, money, and energy to bred, raise healthy GSD’s and prepare puppies for their new homes.
  • Never buy from puppy mills as these puppies are more likely to be around sickness and have usually missed out on a major period of learning in which they are taught the basics. The ultimate goal of Roche’s German Shepherd breeding program is to produce loving family companions. For this reason, we breed German Shepherd puppies with solid nerve, courage, adaptability, intelligence, and instinctive protection skills. These traits are only obtainable through the strict breeding process we adhere to.To produce the perfect addition to your family, each puppy is born and raised in our home. At four weeks, we introduce all pups to the outdoors, and at six weeks, we start all puppies on the NuVet supplement, building a foundation for a strong, long healthy life.
  • Once you have selected your German Shepherd, the next task is to bring it home. Your puppy will probably be nervous with the change in environment and leaving his/her brothers and sister and Mom. Take extra care; make one or two stops during the ride if the travel is long to check on your pup and provide it a chance to go to the bathroom. An old towel is perfect for comfort and accidents while you are in route to your home.

Name your GSD once you get it home and start using it instantly, so that it starts recognizing its name and gets used to it.

Contact professional dog breeders in Wisconsin now to discuss the possibilities of your German Shepherd Puppy!

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