German Shepherd Stud Services

German Shepherd Stud Services for Top-Quality Puppies

At Roche’s German Shepherds we offer world-class German Shepherd stud services for the Chicago area and nearby regions in the upper Midwest. Our dogs come from excellent bloodlines with pedigrees. They have excellent temperaments, are courageous and loyal, and are great as work dogs, hunting dogs, or family pets. Each puppy is raised in our home with our family to provide a firm socialization foundation from the start.

German Shepherd Stud Services – World Class Puppies Near Chicago

Each of our German Shepherd puppies’ bloodlines have been given a VA 1 rating at the World German Sieger show. This renowned event held every year in Germany recognizes the top dogs from around the world. Our claims of offering world-class German Shepherd puppies to the Chicago area are not exaggerated. These dogs are the cream of the crop

Pedigree German Shepherds

At Roche’s Pedigree German Shepherds, we have a passion for offering top-of-the-line German Shepherd puppies to families and individuals.  It’s our calling here.  Another service we offer, however, is that of German Shepherd stud services.  We know what it takes to produce excellent German Shepherd puppies, and our standing at stud dog Max von den Warsteiner Quellen is the golden ticket to an exceptional litter of German Shepherd puppies.

Max is a grandson of two time VA 1 Remo von Fitchtenschlag and two time VA 1 Gina Vom Aquuamarin.  As such, Max is incredibly athletic with a large head and is big boned.  He’s the best German Shepherd stud dog you’ll find in the area, and with a pedigree boasting a grandfather like two time VA 1 Remo von Fitchtenschlag, it’s easy to see why.  If you’re looking for German Shepherd stud services in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or northern Illinois, look no further than our stud dog, Max.

Aside from his excellent pedigree, Max has also proven himself by producing German Shepherd puppies of exceptional quality.  These puppies consistently offer beautiful structure and color along with incredible disposition and temperament.  We expect no less from our litters, but Max delivers above and beyond expectations at every turn.

We don’t take the health of our dogs lightly here:  Max is vet checked on a regular basis for general health and also undergoes a routine sperm count and quality check.  His most recent check came back at 96% motility, giving him exceptional breeding potential.

Max is also IPO 1.  You can review his pedigree here or call us at Roche’s to discuss his bloodlines or disposition in more detail.  We are always happy to communicate with you in regards to our German Shepherd stud services.

Contact us today to discuss our German Shepherd stud services and to learn more about our standing at stud dog, Max!

At Roche’s Pedigree German Shepherds, we have been choosing German Shepherd stud with a track record of producing top-quality puppies since 2009. It has been our mission to provide top-quality GSD puppies to the Chicago area. We introduce each puppy to the outdoors at four weeks old. At six weeks, we start them on NuVet which builds a foundation for a long and healthy life for our dogs.

Our lines include some of the world’s best, including Zamp vom Thermodous, Dux Delavalcovia, and Yasko Farbinspiel, ensuring that we breed puppies of the absolute highest standards. You will not find a higher caliber German Shepherd puppy for sale in Chicago or anywhere in the world.

If you have questions about our available German Shepherd stud services or puppies, contact Roche’s German Shepherds.